Friday, November 10, 2017

It’s The Evening Before…And Dixie Is On The Road Tonight.

Where did the week go again? Friday came and went and tomorrow we are going 4hrs south to Lewiston,ME. We will stay there overnight and going on to Casco to pick up Dixie. Dixie is on the road tonight. I am a bit afraid for her. It’s over 1500 miles up from Little Rock,AR and a lot of things might happen. Is she going to be fed? Does she have water to drink? Is she afraid of the long drive? Are there breaks to get out for doing a dog’s business? I know the transport is USDA approved…..but what if….?
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Too many questions, too many worries, I know.
Gotta wait until we are there.

Leaving tomorrow.

Until then from Lewiston.


  1. How exciting. Cant wait to hear more. Shell be so happy with her new life. There will be an adjustment period,for you and her, but happy days ahead!

  2. I'm sure she will be fine and loving her new home in travels.

  3. Safe travels and then that bundle of BLISS!

  4. So exciting. Can hardly wait to see pictures.


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