Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Nice Drive South

The Mercury showed –6 this morning, making this a really cold start of the day. But the reward was a cloudless sky from the east to the west. So by 11am we were already rolling across the border bound southwards. Traffic was light to begin with, but once we passing Bangor and later Augusta, there was some more traffic, but we were on the I-95 and things were still flowing pretty good. Shortly after 2pm we reached Lewiston, where I had never been.

We had a Motel 6 reservation and though one really can’t expect much of any Motel 6 we found conditions in the room very deplorable. Dirty floor and dirty bed covers. Yuk!

Since the day was still young we looked for something to do in this town. Looking at the map we found out that there was a bird sanctuary close by. It’s called the Thorncrag bird sanctuary, and once we found it we were amazed, not of the birds, cause they had all flown away before it got cold, but the trees, the whole forest was impressive. The trees seemd to reach the sky, Old stately trees indeed. A forest that seemed genuin and original, most likely never been logged was stretching out across a hilly area. But due to the sun going low, our walk was a short one. Reaching back to our van, we decided to go find a restaurant to have supper. With the help of our norwegian-talking GPS girl we found a Denny’s. Generally not a bad choice, Bea’s salad had some ominous slime on some the spinach leaves. We told the server and the manager popped up at our table. We were offered a free dessert, but we were full and I ust ordered a coffee on the house.

Driving back to the motel, it was pitch dark and we were thankful again for our GPS showing the way.

Tomorrow we gotta pick up our DIXIE in Casco, ME and then we will turn homewards again.

We did lots of pictures but forgot to take the card reader with us so can’t move the pics to the laptop yet. Will do after our return home.


  1. Does not sound like fun time, much nicer to take you own house and do your own cooking. Waiting for the pictures.

    1. That's right. We also would have prefered our own house on wheels.

  2. Sorry we missed you and Dixie...we're in Massachusetts heading south.


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