Saturday, November 4, 2017

One More Week

Did you count the days to Christmas when you were a kid? I did. And I am most surprised to discover that I’m doing it again. Not to Christmas this time though, but to November the 12th. when we will receive our furbaby DIXIE. While waiting, we spend time learning all we can about the breed, (Pyrenees) and all derivates of it, and
training a puppy. We have watched countless videos published by all kind of more or less successfull dog trainers. We endulge in the cute images of playfull puppies and just now Bea is out there buying a dog crate for training, cause it is important that our new furry companion will have a place of his own. Furniture will have to be moved out of the livingroom to make space for that crate. Not that we are planning to keep the dog in a crate at all times, but it’s gonna be a resting place for Dixie after playtime.

Can anyone be more excited than us? Hell, it’s like expecting a baby. Of course we are anxious about the timely arrival of the transport. In anticipation I have already booked a room for us. A friendly soul in Maine is gonna meet the truck and we are gonna meet with that lady the next morning to receive Dixie.

When not perusing dog videos we try to keep ourselves busy with chores. One of my still unfinished chores is producing firewood for next winter season. Meanwhile, Bea has been gathering up a lot of her plants and moved them into the greenhouse. Nights are finally getting cooler and there could be frost any time now. Day temps are still pretty nice with lots of sunshine though.

To do something else I have tried to design a tourism logo for Campobello Island. What do you think?
Campobello Logo 006
A thing I got worried about was one of our vans losing coolant. Since we plan on using that van next weekend, I brought it over to our mechanic to diagnose the problem. The diagnosis was quick and hefty. He called 15 minutes later telling me that coolant was leaking out of the radiator and that I would need a new radiator. Also, the coolant line to the transmission looked to be in need for replacement. Darn…I had a hunch about looming repair costs.

Oh-well, most important is getting our new family member safely home.

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  1. Christmas in November with wonderful! Great looking tourism sign.


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