Sunday, November 26, 2017

It’s Like Having A Kid

Our days have changed – a lot. Ever since we got this little “kid” Dixie, we are constantly occupied with either watching over her, making sure she gets outside when necessary, feeding her, training her, walking her and playing with her. And it is all so much fun. At 6:30am I have to get up and let her out. Good thing is that I normally never used to sleep in, so I am the type A human being. That being said when I hear the storm howling around the house, my motivation to get up that early has its limits.
When I am ready to stoke the stove, Dixie has taken in her customary position in front of it, making it somewhat difficult for me to retrieve the firewood. We have dubbed her the “Stove-Dog” as it is the place where she spends a lot of time during the day. Little puppy feels cold, little puppy likes to be in front of the wood stove.
1-20171126_113950She also enjoys looking into the flames. It is like TV for her.1-20171121_142232
Bea has started to take Dixie on some longer walks off the property and down the village streets, but Dixie’s level of energy seems boundless. She has grown somewhat and last week she weighed in at 18.4 pounds at the vet office. Tomorrow we gotta go there again to get her the last booster shots. Then, hopefully, there will be a while until we see that guy again.
1-20171126_115051                                  Chewing on an apple
1-20171126_115000                         Dad did a “Selfie” with me.
Reading over what I just wrote, It occurs to me that I am sounding like a new-baked father who is reporting on the progress his new-born kid is making. But, really, if you look at it, it’s not so much difference. We have become dog-parents again and we take that pretty darn seriously.

Once in a while we try to do something different and head down to the beach. Here are a few shots I did the other day. We are still blessed with a lot of blue skies and sunshine.


  1. Puppies are so cute but I don't have the energy for one anymore. Skittlez makes a mad dash for the fireplace in the morning g when we take her off the bed. So don't get in her way.

  2. Nice that you are enjoying new parenthood again, keeps you on your toes.


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