Saturday, March 18, 2017

The American Jerk Refused to Shake Hands!

The American embarrassment is continuing. The so-called president doesn’t know how to behave with international guests.

Not only is Trumpelstilsken causing embarrassing international incidents but he is also a poor excuse for a real statesman and gentleman. Just look at this picture and you know how bad he behaved.1-Fullscreen capture 3182017 90913 AM  1-Fullscreen capture 3182017 90938 AM                     Not a Gentleman, ignorant of manners

Donald Trump has apparently refused to shake Angela Merkel's hand during a joint appearance at the White House.

The pair held an awkward meeting that could help determine the future of the transatlantic alliance and shape the working relationship between two of the world's most powerful leaders.

While the President greeted the German leader with a handshake upon her arrival at the White House, he appeared to ignore requests to do so as the pair sat together later in front of TV cameras.

In footage of the photo opportunity, as photographers call for the two to shake hands, Ms Merkel can be heard saying: "Do you want to have a handshake?"

Mr Trump briefly turns towards her, but continues sitting with his legs apart and hands together.

She then turns back to face the cameras, smiling thinly.

Despite the seemingly frosty nature of the joint appearance, both leaders described their meeting in brief remarks to reporters as having been very good.

The meeting is consequential for both sides.

The controversial orders Donald Trump has already issued

Ms Merkel, who officials say has prepared carefully for the encounter, is likely to press Trump for assurances of support for a strong European Union.

Mr Trump, who as a presidential candidate criticised Merkel for allowing hundreds of thousands of refugees into Germany, will seek her support for his demand that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation nations pay more for their defence needs.

Relationship building is a less overt but important agenda item. Ms Merkel had close relations with Trump's Democratic and Republican predecessors, Barack Obama and George W Bush, and she is likely to seek a strong working relationship with Mr Trump despite major policy differences and wariness in Germany about the former New York businessman.

He spent a good part of 2016 criticising the Chancellor, accusing her of "ruining" Germany for allowing an influx of refugees from Syria.

"You watch what happens to Angela Merkel, who I always thought of as a very good leader until she did this. I don't know what went wrong with her," said then-candidate Mr Trump at an August rally in Virginia. "What went wrong? Angela, what happened?"

Then, Mr Trump seemed to care little about the potentially awkward ramifications were he to win. He invoked Ms Merkel as a foil at his rallies, accusing his campaign rival, Hillary Clinton, of wanting to be "America's Angela Merkel." He lashed out at Time magazine when it named Ms Merkel "Person of the Year" in 2015 instead of him.

Mr Trump, at the time, did find ways to voice his respect. When a television station in September asked him to name a world leader he admired, he cited Ms Merkel.

"Those who know the Chancellor know that she has a knack for winning over people in personal discussions. I am sure that Donald Trump will not be immune," said Juergen Hardt, a conservative lawmaker who helps coordinate transatlantic relations for the German government.

Mr Trump is eager to see follow-through on his demand that European countries shoulder more of the burden of paying for the Nato alliance, which he has criticised.

He will also seek ideas from Ms Merkel on how to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a leader Ms Merkel has dealt with extensively and whom Mr Trump, to the consternation of Republican and Democratic lawmakers, has praised.

"The President will be very interested in hearing the chancellor's views on her experience interacting with Putin," a senior administration official told reporters.

And with T-Rump’s Russian ties he should be very glad that Merkel actually speaks the Russian language, opening up for talks with the Siberian Cowboy.


  1. I found no less than three photos of Trump shaking Merkel's hand and meeting her at the door of the White House when she arrived. Good God--does he have to hold her hand?

    1. The article stated that he shook her hand at arrival. But when she asked him for a handshake for the photographers he didn't even look at her. People all over the world have noticed this embarrassing moment.

  2. The biggest problem of all your criticism of our president is that you play right into his small hands. You and many other "foreigners" keep insulting and denigrating our president.
    I'm not sure of your intent, but cumulatively the effect will be to alienate and isolate. This is exactly what any leader who wants a nationalistic climate to bring the country around to his way of thinking.
    When I owned a business I knew that negative comments about my competitors made me look weak and were counterproductive.
    I suggest that you blog about positive things going on in your country. This will serve to inform or inspire us down here in the "evil empire" to envy you. Envy leads to desire, desire leads to change.
    I never saw this much negativity about Harper in the US, even though he deserved it.

    1. Trump deserves all the scorn the world can heap on him. He's a malignant narcissist - a five-year old in a man's body, and a nasty one at that.

    2. Its not just "foreigners"that keep insulting and denigrating our president. I'm disgusted and ashamed to be an AmeriKan under the lack of leadership of this pompous Ass!! Not My President! The evil empire is hiding in the microwave.

    3. David, if there would be positive things to write about your president, I am sure the press would do it. But to put the blame on foreigners......really look around there is hundreds of negative articles about Trump in your own press. millions of Americans are disgusted with what happens in Washington and the White House. My little blog is not even a sand grain on the beach. You wonder about my motivation, my reason why I re-publish many articles? Do you ask the same of the American press? The reason why they write about Trump is the same as mine. I used to travel a lot in your country and I have always admired the US. I want people who elected this monster to wake up and see the new bad reality they have helped to create. I still love the country for its beauty. But I won't travel anymore, until this is all over. the president uses to say in his tweets.

    4. If you look for reasons why "foreigners" express their thoughts about your president and the current GOP regime, I remind you that the USA used to be a world power and leader. Thus US policies are influential to what happens around the world. The world will not watch a catstrophe unfold without voicing their concerns.

    5. Well said Peter,I applaud you and all other foreigners who oppose dictators from the US or any other country!!

  3. I never said anything about you making positive comments about Trump. That would be darn near impossible.
    What I pointed out was, why not point out positive things about the way your govt is run. Why not point out or give us examples about your healthcare system, and social services support system. Why do I have to point this out? If you could stop spewing out such hatred, you might redirect your energies to a more positive message.
    I'm a baby boomer, and I was reminded of my generations prejudice and hatred when President Obama was elected. All the constant criticism of President Obama was thinking veiled bigotry.
    Your comments represent political bigotry.
    I did not vote for Trump, I disagree with his policies and his actions. I wanted Bernie, I didn't get him.
    Unfortunately President Trump is my President.
    I choose to be patriotic by supporting the Bernie Sanders "OUR REVOLUTION" political action committee.

    1. To me it is damn near impossible to understand that a man who hailed Bernie Sanders displays loyalty to the absolute opposite regime. In my world, every citizen and resident has a duty and responsibility to contribute to uphold democratic values with civil and equal rights. That and only that is true patriotism. It is not patriotic to support starting wars in other countries. It is not patriotic to support a regime which is threatening the ground pillars of freedom. The United States is a world leader, and I have pointed this out repeatedly, so Americans should not be surprised that the world shows grave concern about what happens in the U.S. My blog postings are not directed against the U.S. but against the current regime where NAZIS work right along with the President. If you know my background, you also know that I come from a country where 6 mill jews died. Do you really wonder why the current happenings in the US upsets me?
      I appreciate your comments here and I have duly noted your request to write about Canada.


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