Sunday, March 5, 2017

Listening To The Storm

We are 2 weeks only from beginning of spring, yet we are having the coldest weekend during the entire winter. And here I was thinking we were done with it all. Alright, we got clear skies and lots of sunshine, but it doesn’t help when the mercury hits –16C  (3.2F) and the wind is howling with 50-60km/h out of the arctic north. While it started cautiously, it intensified to full strength over the afternoon. Going outside is like feeling thousand needles piercing your skin, so when we have to (go outside) we make sure we have covered as much skin as possible.
What hasn’t happened all winter, happened today: A water line to our bathroom froze. We are currently employing electric heaters in the basement to try get the water back. Fortunately, the kitchen water is still flowing.

So it basically turned out to be an inside weekend, listening to the storm. Trash cans have been rolling around in the neighbourhood, and anything not tied down has been moving from neighbour to neighbour.
The Bay is white of foam and no boats are challenging their destiny. I drove down to the wharf and 4 boats were tied to the floating dock. It was extremely low tide and not much water in the little harbour.
Snow is almost gone and I say we were lucky enough that this storm was without precipitation.
But we are sure looking forward to some milder days again for the coming week.


  1. I'll crank up the heat for you,looks good without the snow.

  2. With any luck that will be the last of your drop freeze for this winter, nice that the snow is pretty well gone now.


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