Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Mild Day In March

March hasn’t been the month of spring so far. Snow showers and very low temperatures have made March a colder and more wintry month than January has been.
But today, one day into spring, things changed – at least for a while. Even though it was still chilly early on, the weather warmed to +7C during the afternoon and when the sun broke out it got so warm that I threw my jacket into the truck, (doesn’t take much for Canadians to do that) continuing my wood chopping in a light sweater.
But before I started the outside work, Bea came to me with a project. She wanted another birdfeeder. This time it should be a tray-feeder where also Cardinals could sit munching seeds. We looked at images of feeders on the internet which gave me the basics to go ahead with the building. A project like this can be made out of wood scraps and I happen to have plenty of it. Just the other day, Bea had been coming home with some wood a neighbour had thrown out while doing renovations in his house. Perfect for small projects. As it turned out some of the wood was cedar which definitely is an advantage for a project aimed to withstand wind and weather.

I can have my most enjoyable hours in my shop puttering around on a project.

When I had a basic roof installed, I found some left-over roof shingles which I cut into small strips and glued them to the roof with hot glue. Now it started to look like a real house.
Being done with the wood work, I grabbed a spray can with clear coat and put a varnish on the shingles. Besides of being a protection it looks nice when the shingles are a tad darker in colour.
1-20170321_1933481-20170321_193401And then it was time to call on Bea for inspection. She said it was beautiful and that is all the reward a home-putterer needs, before the next project turns up.
           While Dad putters in his shop I take a good nap

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