Friday, March 10, 2017

And In Between….What Happened?

Almost shocked to see that we have already done 10 days in March. While March is the beginning of spring, over here it turned out to be rather the opposite. Our coldest days of this winter happened in March and for Pete’s sake we are heading right into another cold weekend with another –15C or so and a bone-chilling wind out of the North-West.
Yesterday I tried to stay outside, in spite of a strong westerly wind, or shall I call it …..STORM. I had picked up firewood again and was hell-bound to split it right afterwards. But I was exposed to that storm and after a couple of hours I was bone-frozen, so I was hurrying inside for a hot coffee.

Compared to yesterday it was easy today as I just took a car ride over to the city of Eastport,ME where the chamber of commerce had arranged a meeting to inform about the future of a boat or ferry connection to both Lubec,ME and Deer Island, New Brunswick. Lots of people, some of them running businesses, had taken the opportunity for getting an update on the situation. And the “Situation” was and is that some years ago their wharf collapsed in the middle of the night, taking away any possibility of having cruise ships visiting and taking away the landing for a shuttle ferry to Lubec.
Ever since that sad event we have heard the noise of ramming pylons for a new wharf into the ground. By now, the work is slowly coming to an end and hopefully and finger crossing, a new wharf will stand completed by the end of July, which means well into the summer season.
Eastport is one of those typical old brick-towns with small storefronts all along water street.
1-DSC_1764                            The Fisheries Wharf
Down by the harbour stands a statue for the fishermen looking down water street greeting and welcoming tourists to the waterfront.
1-DSC_1761                   Looking over to Campobello Island
Not that I especially enjoy to sit in a meeting, but today it provided the opportunity for a car ride and a stay in warm surroundings. They even had coffee and donuts for everybody.
1-DSC_1763                            Eastport Harbour
While I was on the road I extended my trip to Calais for some shopping. Needed a new headphone to use with my laptop. When I watch  a movie I don’t want to disturb Bea so I put on my headphone. .
Was home again around 3:00pm and enjoyed the warmth of the house - for the rest of the day

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  1. Hopefully that wharf will bring in the tourist ships and boost the economy of the entire area including Campobello.Such a beautiful area and that bakery on Water St is awesome....can't wait till spring !


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