Friday, March 31, 2017

Busy Days Are Here Again

We are done with March and I could start a weather rant about a missing spring and snow and cold, but it wouldn’t help one bit, would it? So rather than that I can tell you that recently there have been a few nicer days with sunshine, letting day temperatures rise above the freezing mark. And what a relief THAT is. Yesterday was still pretty windy, but that didn’t deter me from getting firewood down from the forest and running my wood splitter until I was all done. Today was even nicer, as the wind had died down, though one can still feel a cold draft. But if there is anything getting this guy out of the house at full speed, it is bright sunshine and an agenda for work to be done.
So, I started out by getting a few screws and some groceries from “the other side”. You really should see that hardware store. There isn’t a thing they don’t have.
Lubec HardwareLubec hardware is the best.

Being back on the island, I took advantage of the still frozen ground to drag 2 tree trunks down from the forest. Gotta do that while the ground is hard, otherwise I gonna churn up the whole area. These tree trunks are gonna be used for constructing a firewood shed. I mean why buy costly lumber, if I can use round timber for a simple construction?

Next was stacking up the split firewood. At the end of the day the round stack is as high as I am and I have to stop. Gonna but a  tarp over top to protect against rain, then start another stack. So much fun watching the firewood supply grow.
1-20170331_132139                         A lot of snow was melting off today

Then it was time for lunch. Bea was away for the day, so I rigged up our propane stove outside and fried up some real bacon and eggs. Great lunch grub and I avoided to stink up the kitchen, which delighted Bea when she got back home.
Weather was nice enough so I could actually sit outside eating my lunch.
Afterward I briefly checked my emails and saw a picture a long time friend had posted.
Teatret Vårt 1978The picture above is 40 years old and shows a smiling young man (oh that is me?) Hard to believe where all those years have gone. It was taken under a theater trip while on my first job in Norway. I professed to be stage technician and the rest of the crew in the picture are actors.
So, when evening rolled around and Bea got home I had dinner at the ready and we could sit down and talk about what we had achieved. Great busy day it was for both of us and tomorrow is April Fools day, which has been re-named TRUMP DAY.  


  1. That is an impressive stack of firewood.Could use some down here in the motorhome as we've made it up to Massachusetts and it's coooooold!Wish there was only one T=Rump day,but alas we have 365 !

  2. Nice to get outside in the warm spring air and get your firewood supply reading for next winter. Fresh air and exercise is wonderful.

  3. Spring in West Texas manifests as a dust storm from hell with 40 MPH winds. Ugh! The grit is unbearable. Your snow and cold actually look inviting to me today. I've been walking my new pup every 150 miles or so of travel and eating a year's allotment of dust and dirt in the process.
    I remember the Lubec hardware from last fall and I agree, it is a treasure trove. How's Molly?


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