Thursday, February 26, 2015


As we are approaching the end of February, the weather-Yoyo is continuing to amaze us.
Yesterday’s nice and warming walk-about through fresh-fallen snow has caused me to snap off a couple of shots with my Android Samsung phone. Actually I don’t like to use the phone as a camera, but when I keep forgetting to bring the Nikon DSL I kinda have to use the phone or I don’t get any pics at all.
20150225_122107 20150225_123338
While yesterday’s mild temps made our walk quite enjoyable we had to bundle up today, in order not to freeze to death. Yup, the day started out with –18C and a frightening cold wind chill of –28C, later “warming” to –8C.  Everything is relative. What we might perceive as warm one day can be cold the next. Well, at least old sol was shining and the sky was blue. I really don’t like grey weather. A sunny blue sky is what I crave. Rain can stay at the west coast, where they enjoy it.
20150225_122917 20150225_123410
After such a nice walk I like to nap a little

And a little note about today’s headlines:
Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has launched a Golden Idea. He is auctioning off his most private parts of clothing. Did I read that he got a bid of $6000 for a used tie? The next thing he’s gonna auction off are his PJ-pants. What a treat!  Some crazy collector getting off on Rob’s pants? I beg your pardon. What has this world come to?


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  1. Like your snow photos. Reminds me of the pretty side of winter. As much as I do not like winters anymore I sure do remember how beautiful sunny days are after a fresh snow fall. Doggy looks nice & toasty all curled up.

  2. The snow, is nice to look at as long as the sun is shining, but the cold bitter wind is not nice at all.


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