Friday, February 13, 2015

Between Dr. Oz And Fox News:

I know, I know…I have been ranting about our crazy-world TV programming before, but I’m not done.

Not yet.

This house has an “advanced” form for TV-watching. A multitude of Channels are coming via an optic fibre cable and for us, who are only used to the few channels an aerial can receive, this is a bit too overwhelming. I am overwhelmed by how much stupidity is actually produced for our so-called “entertainment”.

What this entertainment really does is the re-forming of our thoughts and “knowledge”. Now, I was almost writing de-forming, cause that’s what’s really going on.
When Doctors OZ and PHIL together with “JUDGE JUDY” are advancing their positions to being show masters then I think they have chosen the wrong professions in the first place. Problem with doctors being show masters fluttering across TV screens is that people actually BELIEVE every word they are saying. And by believing their well-honed message people are changing their lives incrementally. They might even chance a self-diagnosis, skipping a necessary visit to their real-world doctor entirely.
We are told how to loose weight by eating a few pills or hanging onto a special diet, which conveniently happens to be available at a discounted price if you call right away.

Problem with all this, and reason why we are having these hapless programs are that these entertainers are making unreasonable amounts of money. Yes, it’s good business. And the money is better than being a real-world doctor.

Now, of course, nobody is being forced to watch these programs. But how often haven’t you been zapping through the jungle of channels just to stop at one of these voyeur-driven programs curiously following the act when Judge Judy is delivering her harsh-worded verdict. Yep, there is entertainment value, I know, but does it ANY good to us, beyond enjoying a few moments of satisfaction?

And then there is Fox (Faux) News, a notoriously reality-twisting lying news channel which has only one purpose, making people believe that 1% of America’s population should be entitled to rule the rest of the country. In fact they are so twisted that they were barred from sending programs in Canada and a few other countries.

But hey, it’s show time, maybe this is all meant to make us laugh.


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  1. Best day ever was when we cut the cord with Dish--saved ourselves $150 a month (really!!). I lost track of how many times we'd sit down to watch TV & there was nothing on that was worthwhile. We're in an SKP Co-op here in Casa Grande, AZ & receive Phoenix TV with our air antenna. It's deja vu all over again--nothing to watch.


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