Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Locked Out, Smashed Window, But We Missed Eastern Snowstorm

Never before had I to smash a window but yesterday I had to.  My van was running, the lights were shining onto the bus which I just had parked, but then I had to go to the bus to plug it in. When I returned to the van all doors were locked. With my phone safely stored inside, a minus 16C and absolutely nobody around in a mile’s circle, I slid out the trailer hitch and shoved it through the rear door window.
The window burst into a million small bits, leaving a gaping whole through which I reached the inside central locking button.  It was the smallest window in the van farthest from the front and I figured the cheapest to replace. I was right on the first two counts but wrong on the third. It is almost the most expensive to replace and a full 150 Bucks more than the windshield.  Go figure!

Right now I have “patched it up” with a garbage bag and some good old duct tape.
When I got back in, Bea showed me a video she’d found. It’s horrible to watch. It is about winter. Winter in New Brunswick. People there are having problems getting out the door. The pile-up of snow is nothing short but extraordinary. You can watch it yourself….and be happy you are not there. That is if you are NOT in New Brunswick.

Oh, understandably, the man in the video uses a few choice words you might not like, so now it’s your choice.

Right now we are very happy about staying in Alberta. And here’s 2 pics of our house in NB. Brrrrr..


  1. What a bummer! But breaking in is better than freezing out there in that horrid weather.

  2. With passengers waiting I had to bust out a side vent window in one of the Dodge Airports van's I was driving years ago at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Had somehow left my keys inside with the doors looked. It was a cold winter's night & we had about a hundred miles to drive back to Stratford. I jammed my winter coat into the vent hole. Not one of my better days.............

  3. I also have been reading a lot about the awful storm(s) the East Coast have been getting. Glad I'm NOT there !!

  4. Replacing the window was much better than freezing to death. No matter how bad the weather it can always be worse.


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