Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why not an Airplane?

This mornings email made me smile. Somebody out west has sent me an email asking whether I would be interested in trading our motorhome against a Cessna 172.
When I was much, much younger I dreamed about flying such a plane up in Alaska or northern Canada. Of course, it was just a pipe dream. And if I had done a pilots license… who knows maybe we would be flying to California. At least it would be much faster to get there. However, as it stands now I would need to hire our own pilot. Somehow I have a hunch that that might get quite expensive. So what did I write back to the guy?  “Thanks for the offer, maybe another time”.
But strangely there was another email this morning. Another guy suggesting a trade offered a 3ac lot in the Sunshine State of Florida.
Now, what’s wrong about that? Nothing, except that Florida is definitely not our favorite State. Can you spell SNAKES, ALLIGATORS, HUMIDITY and OVERCROWDED? Geez… Ain’t there anybody with a sack of hard cold cash out there?
Woman finds FROG in her salad.
London – She had eaten half of her salad, when a British woman found a living frog in her salad bag of cut salad. Due to its green-brown color the animal was perfectly camouflaged. It had the size of my palm, says the terrified 50-year old woman from the County of Hampshire. The frog had spent the night in the bag in her fridge. The woman says she was disgusted and would never be able to eat a salad again.
The grocery market where the salad was purchased has apologized upon the incident and says it would investigate how the frog could have ended up in the bag of salad.
Comment: Maybe the frog was meant to supply the dish with frog legs.


  1. Da plane, da plane!! (Remember Fantasy Island?) Our friends in Montana bought their motorhome really cheap because the guy decided he's rather have a plane. So I guess things like that happen but it seems strange to me. And I so agree with you on Florida - definitely not where I want to be for all the reasons you listed.

  2. An airplane is a pretty far out offer for sure. Interesting though.


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