Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Did they get the wrong Man and The works of an I-Phone

Living close to the border lets us take part in the affairs of our southern neighbour. You kinda can’t avoid being taken by the hilarious situation in their political landscape. Laughing or groaning… I never thought that a presidential election campaign could be so entertaining as we are witnessing these days at our neighbour to the south.
Being a president is certainly not a 9-4 job and a guy should have his wits together when trying to get into the Presidential chair. But “Jackass” is blowing his chances as he opens his mouth. Too bad for him!  Reminds me a lot of an earlier candidate.
Good for the country though as he actually uncovered himself. Makes me hope that we can still be good neighbours.
Enough of this political talk.  I know that political discussions should not erupt in a blog which has living and traveling as its main topic. But sometimes I just feel for it….and then it’s too late. The letters are dancing out of the keyboard and appearing in ugly fashion on my screen. I hit the “Publish” button and swoosh…..there it goes for everybody to see.

Well, you might excuse my inappropriate writings and I know you will refrain from sending a comment. Good so. Don’t do it as we might just start a fire we can’t get extinguished.

Out her, in Passamaquoddy land we see a bright day rising and in an hour or so I will have myself converted into the Island guide. A few last tourists are hanging out here, hoping to see a whale and being carted to the viewpoints, learning about the bizarre history of the place.

Had myself a most interesting excursion yesterday. Got a call from a local accommodation place requesting my valued assistance in a case of avoiding getting lost. A motel guest had purchased a large chunk of property, and it turned out to be about 800 and some acres of island wilderness, which he hadn’t really seen up close. So here we met, both “explorers” in heavy boots and ready to fight the island jungle to find Dr. Livingston.

I think I’d spare you for all the details, but let me just say we met a lot of brambles, had to slouch through water holes (I got my feet wet) and got very warm under my shirt. When I told my friend that we might meet a bear, his head started spinning to the left and the right, anxiously looking for the dreaded animals. Once my guest tumbled straight through a spider web most decoratively hung up between two trees, and he almost suffered a heart attack

Yesterdays exploration was also my first chance to see an I-phone up close. And not only that but the guy could use it for making headway to that beaver lake he so desperately wanted to see. A little map showed us the direction and also where we already had been, as a blue line was keeping track of our progress. I’m absolutely sure that we wouldn’t have found home again without that blue line. Good work Apple!

So. why was I hired by that fellow? Well, you wouldn’t guess it: He was simply afraid of being out there alone.

Don’t get lost and thanks for coming by.


  1. Don't you think running for President is more about the power of the office? I didn't get a clue of what you were talking about though. However, elections can be entertaining. We're just thankful at least we do get to vote even though our opinions on the candidates may not be the same as others since we all see things differently.

    1. Definitely about the power of the office. But you need to be a smart guy right?

  2. Oh man, I could hire myself out to anyone who doesn't want to be "out there alone!" too. That's hilarious.
    So what's he going to do once he actually finds himself on his property? Have someone come by and check on him?
    No comment on the politics thing though.
    We'll wait for that fateful day in November. Meanwhile, sometimes the "mute" button can be your friend.

  3. Why in the world did the guy buy this property if he had never seen it and didn't want to be alone and couldn't handle spiders? Too funny.

  4. Just in case I'm being secretly recorded I'll refrain from commenting on your first point.

    As for the iPhone, the GPS feature is definitely a real plus and very helpful when one is struggling to find a way back home.

  5. The i-phone gps is certainly a great plus, but we really have no need for one, don't do a lot of wilderness stuff.

  6. What a character. Maybe he could hire you permanently to keep him company while on his property.

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