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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Early Fall or Late Summer?

Either way it was a beautiful day and Bea and I took the Convertible and went into the Roosevelt Park Natural Area. Now, one would think that since we accessing that area almost every day we would be bored. Not so!
DSC_0001=mi DSC_0033-mi
DSC_0005-miAfter first doing a beach walk, we went through the forest back to the car. But the afternoon wasn’t over yet. We decided to drive down to Liberty Point. And even though I have heard the “WOW” from every passenger in the van, we said it ourselves, when getting around the last bend. Actually, I have never taken a picture from the road, and I have to do it one of these days. It’s just too gorgeous for not doing it.

Sitting in the car for a while I suggested a hike to Sunsweep point. It is only 1km or 0.6mi. The trail has many ups and downs, but is not very strenuous to do. The views from the elevated trail are breathtaking and the only danger is letting your eyes wander off the path, thus stepping besides the wonderful plank walk the Roosevelt Park has put out for everyone’s convenience.
DSC_0003-mi  DSC_0006-mi
Molly had a great time along the trail and after about 20 minutes we reached the Sunsweep Sculpture, erected by David Barr. DSC_0023-miThis sculpture and it’s counterpart on the shores of the Pacific Ocean at Point Roberts, WA, symbolize the sweep of the sun across the continent. And actually every bridge has a centerpiece and so has the Sunsweep sculpture. A wedge-shaped piece is resting at the Lake of the Woods in Minnesota.
The sculpture is made of polished black Canadian granite.
DSC_0030-miBeing out at the Sunsweep Sculpture, or Ragged Point as it is also called, I always have a feeling being extremely happy. It must be the surrounding open waters of the Bay of Fundy or maybe simply the enormous abundance of wildflowers. We are standing knee-deep in Asters, way up over the ocean and are looking down on ragged rocks. The tide is out and a large area along the beach, overgrown with seaweeds, show over to the north. A fresh breeze from the south and a freighter coming up between Grand Manan is turning farther to the east. Maybe he’s heading towards Halifax. Walking back to the car I’m in a dream-like state of mind.

What a great hike.

The coast of Campobello in its indescribable beauty – it is mesmerizing

Thanks for hiking along!
DSC_0009-mi  DSC_0015-mi
DSC_0002-mi DSC_0031-mi
DSC_0026-mi DSC_0029-mi



  1. Such beautiful scenery. I can see why you love this place so much.

  2. My internet connection is lousy again tonight and the pictures won't load so I have to come back and see them. I'm sure they are just gorgeous.

  3. beautiful pictures on your little trip today!..thanks for sharing your 'neighborhood'!!


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