Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Friend drops by and Bea finds something strange in the garden

He had been busy all summer but a few days ago he finally made it down to Campobello Island. PEI-Bob came visiting for a few days. As steady readers might remember we had our last meeting at Why,AZ in March this year. Bob has this wonderful 31ft. FOUR WINDS Class C which he came across down in Florida one year. Since then Bob is enjoying his retirement freedom with his rig. He says it is not always that he is met with understanding between family and friends. And I think that is just what makes the difference between those who have been bitten by the RV-fever and those who rather  stay in familiar surroundings and just travel for a week or two during the summer.
While Bob and I had seated ourselves around the table waiting for Bea’s delicious supper coming through the door, Bea brought something in that she said was a not-yet-ripe-tomato and she had just found it in her garden.
I will abstain from any comments on this picture, just say that Bea thought it looked like the tomato had a nose. Well then….

Unfortunately, the weather has a tendency to show its ugly face whenever we get visitors. And yes, today it is raining again. Big green blobs are showing on the weather man’s map and I am thinking of the South West. Will we actually get down there this winter?

A work project has popped up, which could require us to stay home. But as of now everything is still up in the air.


  1. A WORK project will keep you home? Do you realize how cold it can get where you are?

  2. Brr.... sounds like you may have a very cold winter!
    Nice to have a fellow rv'er stop by and visit with you guys.

  3. Too funny. We certainly didn't see any tomatoes quite like that at the market. I can't believe you have come up with a work project that will keep you home. I sure hope not. We are planning on you joining us in Yuma the first part of February. Hope you can get out of there.

  4. Wow, lots of material with that tomatoe, but we will leave it alone. :-)

  5. WORK!! I hope that work project doesn't keep you from that wonderful Arizona desert.

  6. I guess we all see different things in the world of art:)


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