Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cold and Clear

We woke to a clear blue sky and a blistering NORTH-WEST wind. Gone is all the humidity of the last days and with it the fog.
We are having an early fall day. Leaves are rushing along the ground. The fresh green of an island summer is slowly giving way to more yellowish and brownish colours. Beaches are deserted, people are looking for warmer places. two more weeks and the island restaurants are closing. The Roosevelt Park is closing on October 8. Boats are coming out of the water to spend the winter high and dry.
But not everybody is preparing for hunkering down. Island fishermen are actually busy getting their boats ready for winter fishing, starting at the end of October. A very cold period of work is waiting for them. They will meet fierce winds of the North Atlantic. They will have to hammer ice build-up off the equipment. Their hands will be cold and red. But it is the way Campobello Island has survived the centuries since the very first settlement in 1770. Traditions are upheld and fishermen honour them.

   Young Eagle feeding on a dead seal

DSC_0036-mi  DSC_0038-mi

       The “Friar"                                                            Roosevelt Park, float dock
DSC_0039-mi DSC_0046-mi

     View from Friars Head                                          Old dam on Lobster Pond

DSC_0052-miiiii DSC_0053-mi

      View from Liberty Point to“Ragged Point”                  The Island Guide in action

DRUNK got stuck with his arm in Toilet.
Dresden, Germany: A rescue team had to free a drunk man who had gotten himself into a delicate situation.
According to the police he was stuck with his arm in the toilet bowl. The 55-year old man had been put into one nights arrest to get sobered up. When jail personal was unable to free him they called for re-enforcements from the fire department. It remained unclear why the man had put his arm into the toilet bowl.

Comment: My guess, he had swallowed something valuable which he anticipated had re-emerged the natural way, but gotten “around the bend”.

Stay clear of trouble!

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  1. Great scenery and I am trying not to think about the guy with is arm in the toilet:)

  2. excellent pics and great looking weather..getting chillier here now not going to think about that idiot with his whatever in the toilet...


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