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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20

Our international Readers

Our travel blog has been in operation since march 23, and I am absolutely amazed about how international we have grown. We are enjoying that readers from Canada, USA, Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Israel have been looking into the blog, and for all we know it could be many more which have passed "under the radar".  Thank you all for your interest, and we recommend that you sign up as a follower or subscribe for email updates. Also we encourage comments to our blogs and if you have any questions let's hear them.

In many parts of the world spring has sprang and warmer weather has emerged. Not so in our present location where night temps have been under frost-level and even daytime temps are in the 40s F  (3-8C)only. 

Northern Alberta is a pretty cool spot (and I mean COOL..) in spring and during fall season. Summers are short and sometimes stay cool as well. Cold Lake is on the 54th latitude and located far, far away from any coast. Winter temps get usually down to -35 to -40C And we did encounter -50C one winter. When the temperature went up to -35C a few days later we thought it pretty mild. That's how cold -50C is!

What we've been up today?? Not too much, to say the least. I was up on the roof and tilted our solar panels towards the sun. We have 2 130W up there which, on a good day, will charge up our 360W battery bank. Using an inverter which is capable of transforming our 12V system into a full-blown 120V AC-power for running the TV, the computer and such, we are almost completely self-contained with power. 

Now we are going full-speed towards Easter-Celebrations and with Easter-Eggs and Easter-Bunnys all over the place, I will wish all our readers a 


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  1. Talking about international RVers, we found that a non resident has a hell of a time getting insurance and registration in North America.
    You need an address to get a driving license,you need a driving license to get insurance,you need insurance to register the RV.
    But most Internationals do not have an address.
    It reminds me the story of the egg and the chicken-who came first.


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