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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26

You know the feeling when being sick and the days are just about crawling by? You are not up to anything and even the walk with the dog seems like  "O not again!"

Well, then you know what I am like these days. No, I'm all coughing and turned upside down.  And on top of  that the weather turned grey, though at least a little warmer. Yesterdays 14C were almost feeling like an outbreak of summer. Weather forecasts had predicted an outrageous 16C, but of course that must have been INSIDE, not where we are.

Sparkle...with the sparkling eyes
We are visiting friends here and are parked in their driveway. Yeah, we have long driveways here in Alberta.  
While they are gone to work we watch their house, the kids and their dog, a beautiful black lady by the name of SPARKLE. Because we don't like Sparkle be alone in that great big house we have invited her into our rig. 

She immediately let us know her appreciation, by looking over the seats, jumping onto our laps and sometimes enjoying the view out front through the big windshield.

Hatschoooo....... sorry folks it's just me and my cold. Have used a ton of paper towels already,  

But there was SOMETHING I did this morning. Our holding tanks had to be emptied. And that was turning into a worry a couple of days ago, when I discovered that the only public dump station in this town had been dug up and vanished. My inquiries at the towns information office, which also runs an RV-Park behind the office, were met by, "sorry, Sir, our campground is still closed". "But all I need is your dump"..... But they produced a copy of a flyer which advertised an all-year-open RV-park a few miles out of town. 
Luckily, the owner was very understanding when I phoned ahead and allowed me to come out and do what I have to do. So, this morning we readied up the bus and were heading out due west on Hwy.55.  

Amazingly the RV-park showed a good number of rigs who apparently had wintered there. The windows of the rigs were taped shut with insulation, skirtings were set up around the trailers and motorhomes. A few cars and trucks were parked beside of them, but most owners were off to work, presumably somewhere in the oildfields. 

It took me just 5 minutes to empty the tanks, than I was back up on the  road heading towards what's still gonna be our home for the next few weeks.

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