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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prospect RV-PARK

April 13

This is the 3. time we are visiting the Prospect RV-Park here in Wheat Ridge, just west of Denver. 

This time we are staying one week at the campground. Why do we come back here time after time?  Well, first of all because of NANCY, the park owner. She is one of the friendliest people we know. 
Also we come because of Prospect RV-Park is located adjacent to the public 250 acre Prospect Park and a green belt stretching from the City of Golden through Wheat Ridge into Denver. Mile-long trails for bikes and pedestrians invite the visitor to enjoy nature close to urban settlement. Prospect Park offers huge lawns, and play areas for kids. Dog owners love this park and can be seen there at any time during the day.
Huge cottonwood trees spend shade over benches in quiet spots where one can enjoy the scenery and the look onto a little lake, where Canada geese and ducks swim around. 
The pictures you can see here are taken at an earlier visit, when the flowers were still in full bloom.

 The beautiful Prospect-Park

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