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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Leaving Denver

April 16

We are leaving Denver and going north on I-25 towards Alberta. Saturday morning traffic north of Denver makes me think somewhere someone offers something for free. Thousands of vehicles are heading north at 8.30 this morning. Traffic southwards towards Denver is even worse. And I always thought people like to sleep in on Saturdays. 

Everything is just fine until we have passed Ft. Collins. But all of a sudden a strong wind is blowing out of the west --- hitting us from the left. 

After passing into Wyoming it gets worse. At Cheyenne I have fixed my thoughts of parking the rig, but Bea says that the weather is getting worse over the weekend, and spending several days in a noisy truck stop isn't really one of my favorites, so we go on and braving it out at a lower speed. It is hard to understand how the locals (are there any??) can stand this ever-blasting storm around their houses. As soon as you step outside you'd be blown clean out of your shoes.

When we reach Wheatland and park for lunch the wind dies off almost completely. With new energy we are back on the Interstate.making 65mph going straight north. North of Casper we get more wind but it is not as bad as this morning. 

Wyoming seems to be the State in the North with the lowest gas prices, which doesn't mean I consider gas/diesel cheap these days....!!

The I-25 ends at the town of Buffalo,WY and the number changes to I-90.

Our destination for today is the City of Sheridan, just south of the Montana-border. First we check out the public rest area at I-90. Unfortunately overnight camping is not allowed here, so we make a mental note of it to mention it here in the blog. It will forever be a riddle to me why I can't park a vehicle overnight on a public rest area, which is fully lighted up and so close to town.

So we turn around running back two miles to the City center where we find nice over night parking on a huge customer friendly Walmart-parking lot.

Even though the Eastern part of Wyoming is flat, the State has
mighty mountains on the Western side

Will you let me drive soon.....??

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