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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Been on the egg-hunt already?  No, me neither. But boy do I remember egg-hunting when I was little.
My parents always took me and my brother on a walk in the woods. They had all the eggs with them and somehow they managed to hide the eggs before we actually got to them. When we had found a hand-full we brought them back to our parents for safe-keeping. Then we looked for more. In the meantime they were hiding the eggs we had already found, once more. And, funny enough, oftentimes we had to back-track to find the eggs we had by-passed. We never understood how we could have by-passed them.

Those were the years we still believed what our parents told us. I understand that is not always the case these days. O, and the Easter Bunny has made it into you-tube and other media, where he ends up as a hunted animal. No, Sir, that was unthinkable in my days. Just see what happens with the Bunny in the following animation. 

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