Friday, February 7, 2020

Why I Will Never Enter A Cruise Ship

I love to travel - along the road. I know it can be dangerous, somebody may hit me and I find myself waking up in a hospital - or worse.

But driving a car is still giving me a feel of being in control - to a certain degree.
Flying is not my thing, though I flew a lot when I was younger. However, some times I still need to take a flight. F.ex. coming Tuesday to Houston,TX.

But there is one form of travel I will never engage in - being on a cruise ship.

Being "prisoned" on a cruise ship is my absolute worst nightmare. Not only do I hate the formal requirements of staying on such a vessel, it is also the fact that cruise ships are breeding grounds for all kind of diseases. Right now there are 3 huge ships being quarantined in ports because of corona virus outbreak. With the incubation time of this virus being 14 days, and new patients being diagnosed at a steady rate, the ships will not be released out of their quarantine until they are completely empty, which can take weeks and possibly months. Being on a cruise ship you will expose yourself for an extended time to possible contamination from thousands of other passengers which have come together on the ship from the entire globe. You don't know under which circumstances these people live in their home country. And the ship's ventilation systems will blow the virus straight into your cabin. Food is prepared in giant kitchens and dished out in the restaurants. The chance of being trapped in your cabin for weeks is nothing I would want to endure.

And as if that is not enough, there are storms to fear and even machine trouble.
The cruise industry is driven by profits and they care about their profits way more than the tender care of their passengers.

Every year I have been contacted by a shore excursion agency to drive cruise passengers along the country side. If they ask again this year, they will have to look for another motor carrier. I am not spending time with possibly virus infected passengers in my van.

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