Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Almost Done

Oh boy, what a good night sleep can do. yes, it was all quiet at Wallymart and I sure slept and slept. Headed out at 7:30ish and hit the highway. My GPS was aimed at Sturbridge, MA. And yes, that is the place where I had a very bad hotel night 2 nyears ago while getting into a blinding snow storm on the highway. This time around I am much, much more fortunate. Over the entire trip weather has been on my side. A little rain and a drab few hours in Michigan did not matter. Most days have been sunny and so it happened today as well. Of course, traffic increased again as I was getting closer to the centers of population. From I-80 I went to I-84 then to I-94. I almost made it into Massachusetts, but I needed gas. In Connecticut there seems to be no signs for gas exits. Running low, I stopped at a rest area to consult my trusty GPS again. A gas station was only a few miles off further down the highway but in a town a few miles off. (don't even know the name)

While filling gas I looked down the road and realized there was a Home Depot just a 100 yards off. And though the parking lot isn't huge, I managed to maneuver the rig into an empty space and set up for the night. And now I'm gonna make myself another coffee.

Tomorrow I'm gonna get home. And I am seriously excited about it. When you have been away for some time nothing can convince you more that it is home where you feel best, where you thrive and love to be.


  1. Bea and Dixie will be happy to see you home again,I'm sure.

  2. Never saw you blog before. But when I clicked on it and saw Sturbridge it reminded me of the many times we would vacation there. Originally from Southern New Jersey (near Atlantic City) it was not much of a ride. Love the Village.

    We were fulltimers for 7 years. Settled in Alabama in December 2016. Yes, it is always sweet to get home.


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