Monday, February 17, 2020

A Day In Michigan

Hey, I was up and running early. All Seasons RV is located real close to the Highway 31 running into Muskegon. I was surprised to see the amount of snow heaped up around the parking lots everywhere. And the yard of the RV dealer was sheer ice. Ooops... how would I get off from here again?
My trailer was sitting inside ready to be cleared out, Well not so fast young man...first we gotta add a battery to it and then there was the issue of the weight distribution hitch. These hitches are very expensive and since 2 hook brackets were still sitting on the frame, the sales lady had offered to find used bars and a used hitch assembly. So the mechanic and I went searching in a pile of used hitch equipment. Found the part which goes onto the van, and then we found one bar but was still looking for a brother. Finally he picked one new bar, so we were all set.
This saved me around 350 bucks.

Circling the trailer, I noticed that not only was there an electric tongue jack, but all jacks on this trailer baby are electric. That is just great, as I never enjoyed the gymnastics which are necessary to twiddle down scissor jacks manually.
Other little extras are the solar readiness plug-in and the vent hood on the roof.

The previous owner also left a 400-Dollar chair in the rig. I am pretty sure that AL from the Bayfield Bunch would enjoy this one. And I have to say that it is very comfy, but unfortunately it is way too big, so we will probably take it out of here, that is if we manage to get the monster out the door.

Then I had to back up to the trailer. Hm... I used to be pretty good at stuff like that but over the past 4 years I kinda fell out of training.

Finally I was ready to go. With the extra weight of the trailer on the rear wheels I got off of the ice easy.

First stop was the Walmart down the street. I spent ample time here as I needed food and kitchen supplies. 

I like fried eggs and they are so easy to make. So I picked a small pan. It's a bachelor pan. No room for more than 2 eggs in it. A small pot to heat a meal, a lighter, silverware, some toiletries, a towel. That was about it.

Next stop was again down the road in the other direction, at Harbor Freight. I needed an inverter generator to survive along the road. And H.F has a 2000W genny which has very good reviews. Looks like a Honda one, but costs just the half.

Bea was worried about me being too cold in the trailer, especially at night. But I have warm covers and I am sure I won't be frozen in the morning. The beauty with a trailer is that it warms up quickly once the furnace kicks in.
So I found a parking space along the road for the night. Looking forward to breakfast.


  1. I'm glad I've been paying attention (sometimes I forget that there are blogs to read out there) as I'm quite enjoying this journey of yours. Hopefully all is well on the home front.

  2. Wooo Hooo,Love your new Air BNB. Happy Trails !


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