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Friday, February 21, 2020

An Extremely Relaxing Day

This is just what I needed - an extremely relaxing day. After breakfast and some computing I was on my way to our local border station. Since Dixie had been looking at me anxiously when I left the house, I decided to take her along. She would get a nice milk-bone from the CBP officer. I would take her for a walk after my border errand was done. Actually, I was hoping that our local CBP-station would be able to fax my vehicle papers to the station in Calais as we don't have a fax machine at home. To my big and positive surprise they were actually able to process my export request form their office, which saved me a trip to Calais on Monday. And I always prefer to deal with our local officers. It took only 15 minutes until it was all done. Only thing left now is to wait out 72 hours before I can present the vehicle to them. 
After this was achieved, I drove over to where I had parked the rig. I needed a few things I had forgotten yesterday, and while being at it, I unhooked the trailer as well and reparked the van.

On my way back to the island I dropped by the local IGA-store and got a few groceries. And then it was Dixie's turn. We went right down to Herring Cove and had a beach walk. 

So much sun today, even though the slight draft out of the northwest made for a frigid return walk.
After lunch both of us got out for another Dixie walk, this time along a forest trail. And the rest of the day was/is spent on the couch. 
No more driving, no more frantic traffic patterns - just the calm and cozy atmosphere of a warm home.


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