Thursday, March 28, 2019

You Just Wouldn't Believe What Happened Today

For quite some time Bea has been thinking of visiting Germany again. Bea's mother is turning 90. As she has been in a nursing home for years she is not doing well. So this visit might be the last chance for Bea to see her mother. On March 1 she booked her flight from Boston via Iceland to Frankfurt. Air Carrier was WOW AIR, a low-cost airline based on Iceland. Today I was perusing the news on "NEWSWEEK" and was stunned to read that WOW AIR had ceased operations. 


Bea was not home so I got in the car to find her in the neighbourhood where she has started to prepare a garden for a customer.

I could see her distress right away. 
Being back home we tried to get to the bottom of this and found confirmation that WOW AIR was bankrupt. I literally saw 800 Bucks disappear behind the horizon. We tried to call various numbers at the online travel agency where she had booked the flight, but nobody answered. Finally, we called our CC-Company and were told to call the fraud department. Calling the 800-number we learned right away that VISA had already opened a separate phone line for the many people affected by the WOW AIR insolvency. After 40 minutes wait at the phone we got a very friendly gentleman who was nice enough to open a case # for us.

We then send an email to VISA's fraud department with our itinerary included.

Checking her email, Bea then found an email from the travel agency offering a refund claim on her behalf. So as of now it might look like that we will see a refund of our costs, even if it might take some time.

Meanwhile, Bea was lucky enough to "snatch-up" an Air Canada ticket from Canada for the same dates.  Though the "snatch" was coming at 1500 Bucks, the approximate double of the previous ticket.

Main thing is that she will still be seeing her mom. 

To say it mild, the day has been exhausting and stressful, but tonight we are relieved of the outcome so far. 


  1. That is good that you got things straightened out with Bea's flight and she can still go.

  2. WoW!! Sorry to hear of your troubles.Companies should not be able to declare bankruptcy before reimbursing it's customers.Also,they should not be allowed to reemerge as another company before paying their debts.But alas,that's not the world of the wealthy.


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