Friday, March 22, 2019

Oh Man, What An Awful Day

While I have been doing a little less than nothing over the last days, this really is the day where I can do nothing at all. Storm clouds are chasing each other over Campobello, and it is pouring down like crazy. Weather forecast announced a “Rainfall Warning” for our region. But as bad as it is for folks like us who like to be hiking with our dog, it also has its good side. We still have some ice and snow on the ground and this rain is actually helping to get rid of the last left-overs of winter.
Dixie might be the only one really suffering under this kind of weather as her beloved beach walks are not happening. We took her along when we drove down to Herring Cove to shoot a few pics of the surf coming in. The pics didn’t work out though as the windshield was full of raindrops. I show them here anyway.
Above: High Tide and the waters are swelling in the Lake Glensevern Lake outlet

So now Dixie is sleeping on the floor until she thinks it’s time to climb onto her bed and do another nap there.
And it is time to say “Good Bye” to Winter for this time, but I am sure the fellow below is right:

PS.: This posting was supposed to go online with Open Life Writer, but the program is again been messed with and we are again getting "Error 400" messages.


  1. Hope it all melts soon as we plan to return north in a few weeks,

  2. Peter, saw your comment about OLW on my blog. For some reason, when Google took Picasa down on the 15th, it broke OLW again. I added directions for a work around on the end of that post you commented on, it is at:


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