Thursday, November 21, 2019

Dixie And I Almost Met A Moose

Regardless of the weather I have to take Dixie out for a walk every day. It is a grey day today but no rain nor snow. We still have snow-bare trails on the island. So I decided to take one of the brand new trails the Roosevelt Park created this summer. Those trails are just so beautiful and you never meet anyone.

So also today. The trail goes on for a about 1.5 miles, it's untouched, it's closed for vehicles and the fresh gravel didn't show any foot prints.

The trail is a dead end, meaning we gotta walk back to the parking lot. We were on our return walk and Dixie, being off-leash, was strolling through the woods, but always staying close to the trail, I was enjoying the peace on the trail itself.

Suddenly, I noticed tracks on the trail. BIG tracks and they were coming off the tree stands on the upside of the trail. DARN...those tracks hadn't been there just a few minutes earlier. I identified them as Moose tracks. Moose tracks can resemble those of a horse. The indentations in the gravel indicated a big heavy animal. The tracks were running ahead of us. I began being worried that the moose might be still standing still some where in the forest ready to attack Dixie, who was still strolling through the woods on my left side. I called her over with the magic word COOKIE and she came right over. I put her on her leash and we continued cautiously along the trail. When coming at the fork from where the trail runs left into a bog area and the other part right up to the parking lot, I saw the moose had taken to the left into the bog.
I was mad with myself that I had not taken my camera or my phone with me, so you have to take me by my word. Needless to say I was a bit shaken as it must have been just minutes I had missed the meeting with the "King of the Forest".


  1. Boris and Natasha are missing their Bullwinkle.

  2. If the Moose had seen Dixie it would have associated her with Wolves their natural enemies. If that had happen you might not have only lost Dixie but your life as well.
    Glad you made it back Safely and Enjoyed your walk.

    It's about time.


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