Sunday, December 15, 2019

Hey we went out and watched the storm waves.

One of the daily questions I am getting from our summer visitors is "How are the winters here?" The answer, my friend might be blowing in the wind, and that I mean quite literally. For wind is something you gotta live with out here on the island. You may love it or hate it, it'll still blow like crazy here.
We went from - 7C to +12 the other day and with it came strong, strong winds from the south. And when it storms like that, one thing happens for sure: It produces storm waves crashing onto our shores. And so happened today. And with the sun peeking through once and again, great views could be enjoyed. Other people were there as well, taking pictures or just standing around admiring this grand natural show. Bea snapped off a line of pictures I am showing below. Afterwards we took a walk around the campground where Dixie always has a great time exploring all the good spots and odours. It was a great afternoon for all of us!
                                       Below: Are you coming Dad?
                   So glad you took me down here....

                      Look at it...the power of the sea
                            The Man and the sea...

Thanks for coming along!

Update December 16:
Last night we had another storm and our next door neighbour lost one his trees. It fell into the power lines, which caused a short power blink last night but the power stayed on. That is until this very moment when the power company came to clean up. They shut off the power for working on that tree. Here is the picture I took this morning.


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