Saturday, November 9, 2019

An Ever So Slight Taste Of Winter

It must have something to do with me getting older, but I think summers are getting shorter and winters are approaching faster. It's only the beginning of the 2. week of November, but the temps fell like a rock from comfortable 55-60F to 26F. And then there was the weather forecast blabbering about snow at copious amounts.

Bah...I thought, not here at the coast. Water is too warm yet. 
                  A white dusting of fresh snow

Hate to admit it, but I was proven wrong and the weather man was right. Friday afternoon snowflakes were flying by horizontally down the street. Darn....and before I knew it the outside world had turned white. 

This morning it was 26F and a strong cold wind made be shiver even though I was in my thick winter jacket. 
I tried to walk through the woods, but there I was in the shade. 
Hard to see Dixie in the pic to the left, but there she was. White dog in the snow


Looks like Christmas already
Beach was better as we had full-blast sunshine and a sharp reflection . I let Dixie stroll back and forth and we walked up to the outlook above Herring Cove. A bit colder there so we crossed back over to where I had parked the van.

Dixie had been very good this morning so I had a few treats for her. Two days ago it didn't go so well. Bea had taken her on a longer walk in the Roosevelt Park where Dixie had found some yucky stuff, and of course, she had rolled in it. When she got home that day I thought somebody had emptied a pail of rotten mussels in our living room.

Something needed to be done and the "something" was a trip into the bathroom.

"Bathroom" is an area of the house Dixie hates to be in. It was not easy to get her through the door. But even more adventurous was the move into the tub. She fought against it with all her 83.3 pounds of weight and there wouldn't have been a way to do this for one person alone. Bea was hunched inside the tub ready to do the job, while I cautiously had to lift Dixie into the tub. When it was done Dixie was really mad at us. She retreated onto her bed and slept the rest of the day. 

Dogs have a physical tiredness and a mental one. This time around Dixie was both. Even the next morning she was late down from her bed. Was that a gloomy look she just gave me? I really don't know, but I did feel very sorry for her.

Meanwhile, she seem to have restored her trust in us. It'll be a long time until her next trip to the tub.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Don't know why but every time our dog got a bath,she always managed to find something else to roll in.

  2. I still dont miss the cold weather. If it could snow and be warm I'd love it. Our beagle used to roll in deer poop. But she never seemed to learn her lesson. When we give our doxies a bath you would think we were torturing them. And it does exhaust them. The evil eye only lasts until it's time for food.


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