Friday, December 20, 2019

Dreams And Plans

Hi there! Are you where you want to be right now? Or are you having dreams about going somewhere else?

I am asking cause I have had those recurring moments of dreaming about making a change again. I know some people are already starting to shake their heads. Is this guy never content and happy about where he is? Hm...mostly I am quite happy about the where-abouts. But then....there is winter. Winter comes with cold, snow and ice build-ups. After some time you can feel it - you are cooped up in the house. You think of the next outing as a freakin' freezing experience you really don't want. Now, there are also fine days during winter. Sky is blue, sun is shining and all is peachy. Hm...until the wind picks up and takes your caps off of your bald head. Or you walk over to your car and step on an icy patch. Bam....there you are on your back, hurting like crazy. Happened to me just a few days ago. Coulda been ending in a hospital that stunt. Was on the ground moaning until Dixie came running wondering...and licking my face. Well, I finally got myself into the upright again. But the day was spent on the couch - cooped up again.

And now the dreams are popping up again. Palm Trees - Sunshine - lounging outside with your legs up, yup that's what has hit me. And the winter is just starting out tomorrow! 
We have been pounded by a relentless storm aimed directly towards our house. And if you check out my last posting with the update you'll see what the storm does around here.

Anyway, the unpleasant outdoors can make a guy dream of going south again. And some times dreams have consequences. My dream materialized into the purchase of an RV again. With the help of the internet I found the very same trailer model again which we owned in 2013. It's just 2 years younger but in like-new condition. We will have to wait to pick it up until the worst of this winter is over. Come November 2020, I can see us packing up for the next 5 months. The destination is the Holtville Hot Springs LTVA in California. Yup, it's a long journey but it's the best place to stay for the winter. Here are a couple of re-cap pics. I am so glad I started blogging so I can relive those days when ever I want.
This was our start in 2013

Vistas of the West

Overnight Parking in Nevada
All set up at the Holtville Hot Springs LTVA


  1. Yup I know about them dreams alright but we don't got no plans...….yet.

    1. We haven't had plans for 5 years but finally it broke through. Don't give up guys. You gonna make it again.

  2. We found an apartment to spend this winter in Windsor Ontario. Like yourselves we'll be heading back to the southwest next November.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your newer trailer.

    It's about time.

  3. Congratulations Peter and Bea ! That's great news to hear that you guys and Dixie will soon be on the road again.We look forward to following your new adventures.

  4. Headings south again and Holtville sure is a great lace to spend some quality time. That is where we first met you many years ago. Travel while you can, our travel days are done at least across the border , probably forever but we did have13 good years and awesome memories,

  5. I just looked at the pics we took when you came visiting with your rig. Great memories. I might make another memory-lane posting about it.


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