Sunday, February 19, 2017

Seceding From The United States?

The election of Trump as the 45th President of the U.S. and his subsequent threats which already is undermining democracy and threatening a free press, has led to massive protests not only in the United States but worldwide. Among the states most opposed to the new administration is California. As California represents the 6th. largest economy in the world it would be fit to stand alone as a separate country.
Several weeks ago I said I would not be surprised if California is mounting efforts for secession.

This morning, The Washington Post was reporting that a group
is already at work to gather signatures for a vote on seceding from the United States. 
If a secession vote would be successful it could quickly lead to the states of Oregon and Washington joining California.
If the 3 western States would leave the Union, the U.S. would lose access to the Pacific. It would be a devastating blow to the National U.S. economy.  

History teaches us that all world powers have ended in demise. Whether it was the Arab, the Greek, the Romans, the British or the Germans, they all ended in destruction and inner split. Whether this is going to happen to the United States as well, we will have to wait and see.

A lot of signs are already pointing into that direction.


  1. In my 72 yrs,I've seen a few presidents come and go.I have not always voted for the winning president but never have I been disappointed,dismayed or ashamed of who won when my candidate did not.I watched CBS Sunday Morning this morning and there was a segment on about a Canadian CEO from Danby corp. who used his own money to sponsor Syrian immigrants safe passage to Canada.(Now I know there is a lot of Fake News out there,Drumpf told me,but come on AmeriKa Wake Up!!) This American will be celebrating Not My Presidents Day tommorow !

  2. I also meant to add a Thank You to the Canadians who are acting more like a free democratic country than we are.


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