Friday, February 10, 2017

Every House Should Have 2 Entry Doors

1-DSC_1495And the reason for that is in the above picture.
The snowstorm pummeling the North-East yesterday and last night had deposited a 30inch snow drift right behind our rear entry door, and when I attempted to open it to let out Molly it did not move, not even 1 inch. So we walked out the front door opening onto the porch. But Molly had huge problems this morning. When the snow got too deep and the walking too hard, she simply lay down, and I had to lift her up again to got her moving. We quickly retreated to the house again.
The snowstorm has probably dumped a foot of snow and it started snowing yesterday afternoon, increasing during the night. We heard the storm rattling our windows and howling around the house.
After breakfast I dressed in layers and shoveled a walkway to the vehicles. The end of the driveway was again blocked by a wall of snow and I had just started going at it when a pickup truck stopped. The truck had a front plow and the driver was asking whether I would like him to remove the snow from the driveway.  His name was George, he told me when he was finished and he was a neighbour I had never met.  Nice guy!
1-DSC_1494            Snowdrift ending right in front of our rear entry door
It’s a sunny but very cold day today. A strong nor-easter is blowing and the temps are around –14C with the windchill getting down to –23C. Not a day to start working in the garden!

It seems that February is going to be a month of wintry weather and it has already been much colder than during January. But at least time for winter is a lot shorter this year. The sun is coming up a little higher every day and with it temps are rising. It’s only 38 days until Spring!


  1. Thank God for George ! I'll try to crank up the heat from down here in Florida.

  2. Nice to have a friendly neighbour especially a George. Way back when I used to do a few neighbours driveways for the short time I had a snow blower. but then a local guy would blow out or 20 x 70 drive with a farm tractor blower, took about 3 minutes for $7.00. much nicer. Spring is getting nearer everyday now.


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