Sunday, February 12, 2017


It’s gonna start snowing around 9pm today and growing to a full-blown blizzard overnight with expected 20” (50cm) of snow.
How is that for a day in February?
Anyhow, that’s what the weather men are predicting, and we are getting prepared. Snow shovels are at the ready, and I am taking a quick ride to the store for stocking up on food. Since the wind is expected to be almost 60km/h and a lot more in gusts, we might get another power outage. So we have  drinking water filled up in containers. Firewood is stacked right outside the door – so bring it on!

1-Fullscreen capture 2122017 94650 AM Updates will be posted as long as we have power and internet.
                        2 pictures of February 6 last year

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