Sunday, February 19, 2017

Let’s Talk About The Truth, Shall We?

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Little did I know that an email from my brother in Germany would make me gasp for air. That’s right, I was running seriously short of breath. I laughed and laughed and laughed. It was just way too funny.

The email he sent was just a link. It referred to the latest evening news from the 2 main German public TV-Channels. The link was about a certain American pretending to know the truth and speak the truth and at the same time calling main-stream media liars and fake news and the enemy of the American people. The story he invented was so hilarious that the whole world started laughing about it.

Translation from German:

The "Massacre of Bowling Green", which has never been held, is not fully digested, as the US government presents new "alternative facts". This time it was Trump himself who said in connection with terrorist attacks in Europe: "Look at what happened last night in Sweden." Yes what?

With the "Bowling Green Massacre", Kellyanne Conway recently astonished the world. Now, Donald Trump added: "We need to secure our country," he said at a Florida rally, referring to the entry ban of people from seven Muslim countries, an executive order which had previously been condemned by courts.

"Sweden, would you believe that?"
In response to his restrictive immigration plans, he again attacked Europe, as in Belgium, France and Germany. And he called Sweden for the first time: "Sweden, would you believe that?" He cried. "They have taken big numbers, and now they have problems they have never thought possible." And he added, "Look at what happened yesterday in Sweden!"

The problem: On Friday night in Sweden this and that happened - but there was certainly no terrorist attack or other attacks. It was just one of those long Scandinavian winter nights, in which one or the other Swede had the leisure to “enjoy” the Trump speech, for the mocking was not long in coming. Under the hashtag "LastNightInSweden", people from all over the world are posting what has NOT happened - such as ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) correspondent Andreas Kynast reported:

The former Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, asked: "Sweden, terrorist attack, what did he smoke?

And the newspaper Aftonbladet responded with an English message on their website. Under the heading "This happened on Friday evening in Sweden, Mr. President" was quoted as: "In the north of Sweden a storm warning was issued." Or what about these “exciting” events:

Translation of above text:


18:42 The famous singer Owe Thörnquist has technical problems under a rehearsal for a music festival

20:46 Because of storm and snow ´will highway E10 between Katterjåk and the border remain closed

00:17 Police in Stockholm pursues a motorist. He is accused of drunk driving and has stolen the car.


Trump had started his speech in Florida by saying, "We are here to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

And here is what Trump tweeted once he realized the BS he had told:

1-Fullscreen capture 2192017 71436 PM

Look at the tweet: YES, he saw it on FOX NEWS, Didn’t I try to tell you NOT to watch FOX News? OMG. America has been embarrassed again….by a president who watches FOX News and spews it out to his supporters.

Bland de som inte förstod fanns Sveriges regering, som via ambassaden i Washington krävde en förklaring från amerikanska utrikesdepartementet på söndagen.

På kvällen, svensk tid, svarade Trumps administration.

– President Trump talade i allmänna ordalag om ökande brottslighet och händelser i närtid, inte om en specifik händelse, sa Sarah Sanders, Vita husets biträdande pressektreterare till nyhetsbyrån Reuters.

Strax innan 23 kom en förklaring från presidenten själv.

”Mitt uttalande om vad som hände i Sverige syftade till ett tv-inslag som jag såg på Fox News om invandring i Sverige”, skriver han på Twitter.

Svenska ambassaden i Washington skriver till Dagens Nyheter att man därmed anser frågan besvarad. Den uppfattningen delas inte av utrikesdepartementet i Stockholm.

– Vi får avvakta och se om vi får ytterligare svar i morgon, säger Elin Holmström på UD:s presstjänst.

Translation from Swedish:

Among those who did not understand was the Swedish Government, via the embassy in Washington demanded an explanation from the US State Department on Sunday.
In the evening, Swedish time, said Trump's management.
- President Trump spoke in general terms about rising crime and the events in the near future, not about a specific event, said Sarah Sanders, White House deputy press  Secretary for the Reuters news agency.
Just before the 11pm came a statement from the president himself.
"My statement about what happened in Sweden was aimed at a TV spot I saw on Fox News on immigration in Sweden," he wrote on Twitter.
Swedish Embassy in Washington, writes Dagens Nyheter that it therefore consider the question answered. This view is not shared by the Foreign Ministry in Stockholm.
- We have to wait and see if we get more answers tomorrow, says Elin Holmström at the Foreign Ministry's press service.

Good luck in getting answers from Trump!


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    1. So now we know where you get your news. Tzzztzzz....

    2. Now I have to teach you to read a link. The article was in the New York Times considered one of the mainstream media sources and left leaning. Sigh..

    3. Oh, I have seen that. But your link went to Breitbart. So you have seen it there, not on NYT.

    4. The article also trended on my Facebook Page.

  2. Keep drinking the Kool=Aid. I'd expect nothing less from Darth Vader and Breitbart news! Happy Not My Presidents Day ! Maybe we can change the day to Despicable Me Day ! Just saying!


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