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Friday, December 30, 2016

Stormy Day On The Bay

Still no snow but lots of wind. It looks like the old year won’t go without getting us some stormy weather. The wind direction was Southwest and that meant that a visit to Liberty Point could be interesting.

The sun broke through storm clouds when I fought my way out of the car. Standing still was not easy. I tried to stay out of the worst wind casts by hiding behind some spruce trees while snapping off some pictures.
While the waves seemed powerful here, it would be peanuts compared to what was going on out in the middle of the bay between the Island of Grand Manan and Campobello and the coast of Maine. Luckily, no ship was out there to brave the wild sea.
1-DSC_0955  Above: Liberty Point with Sugar Loaf Rock
  Below: Ragged Point

Then I drove over to South Beach along the Duck Ponds. It was nearly High Tide and the water ran high onto the beach.
1-DSC_0982 A few tall spruce trees had fallen over, their upended roots now exposed to the foamy water.



  1. Always interesting scenery on the ocean with some stormy days, nice pictures.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I can almost hear the whoosh of the waves as they brush over the beach. It is a lot different here today--in Palm Springs surrounded by sun and desert. Happy New Year, Peter and Beatrix.


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