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Friday, December 16, 2016

A Cookie, A Coffee And A Storm

We have been warned about it and knew it would be a deep freeze. It approached us with ominous looking skies and a moderate wind which steadily increased to a full storm.
1-DSC_0777And it was accompanied by rapidly falling temperatures. The weather services called it a weather bomb.  I simply call it freaking cold.
Bea had taken out the heavy feather bed and it kept us warm. But getting up at 6:30am gives me the taste of the prevailing temperatures in the house.
weather arrow.gif
Btw. the moose licking happened in Alberta
Below: Our storm door yesterday evening
1-DSC_0789We have a heater on in the kitchen otherwise the water might have turned to ice, but our living room is facing out towards the storm and the door to the kitchen was closed. The thermometer on the wall speaks about 6C (42.8F) I am pretty quick to light the fire in our stove! And then I watch the temps creeping slowly up. Next thing is getting the coffee going. And on my way back I have my fingers in the cookie jar.
What a way to start the day.


  1. A wood stove fire, hot coffee and cookies, great way to start a cold winter day.

  2. Cookies look good! Sorry about the cold.........82 here in Key Largo!


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