Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 21 Is Start Of Winter (Really?)

Well, the date is correct but start of winter ???  I don’t think so. Mild and sunny weather, not even any wind out here. A pleasure to be outside. Bea did a longer walk with Molly, while I was having a field day with my firewood for next year. As you can see in the pictures I stacked the wood in a circular fashion because the stack is much more stable that way. Once reaching the final height a “roof” of 2x4s with a tarp will protect the wood against rain.
But the day began with driving over to a neighbour who had problems draining a waterline. She had turned off the water, opened the faucets and taken off the drain caps in the basement, yet no water was draining out. I looked at the conundrum and was puzzled. I re-established water pressure in the lines, opened the valve caps – still no water. WHAT THE HECK???  I tried several times and finally the hot water line was draining, but the cold water line was not. Now I figured that something could be stuck in the valve preventing the water to drain. I took another close-up look and saw a tiny black rubber gasket inside the valve. With a sewing needle I poked through the gasket, and I got a squirt of water in my face. But then it stopped again. Hm…I managed to claw the gasket out of the valve and …..voila the line was draining as well.   Now what was the purpose of this gasket?  We have the same type of drain valves in our basement and no gasket there.  Anyway the problem was finally solved and we ended the visit with a chat and a coffee.
1-DSC_0907After 3pm it is coffee time and we enjoy it relaxing in front of wood fire in our stove. So cozy! 4 more sleeps and it is Christmas!


  1. It was a good thing that it wasn't Hot water that squirted you in the face. That could have lead to other problems.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. That's about the neatest wood pile I've ever seen! But just because you don't have winter yet, don't get too cocky! We've got LOTS of it.


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