Friday, November 6, 2015

The Road To November

There is no denying that this year’s fall season is coming to its end. Recent storm winds have brought down tons of leaves and colours of nature have been changing again. Very little green is left in the forest and even the red leaves have mostly gone. What’s left is golden (or bare) trees and a ground covered with leaves.

 November is here and with it the days are getting a tad darker and more grey. Today we are having a typical foggy day and this fog did not lift off. So armed with our NIKON, I trooped out on our road to take a couple of shots documenting the change in nature.

It is also a very good day to have a wood fire going, reading a book and enjoying some warming food.
While I have been in NYC, New Brunswick had a big storm. My earlier posting mentioned some damage in our neighbourhood. Meanwhile I have received a video taken by Campobello resident Patty Bent. It was taken at Herring Cove Beach. For full size hit the button in lower right corner. It’s quite impressive.


  1. It is definitely the time that lots of storms are going to start hitting. Winter is almost here for sure.

  2. I like looking at the fall leaves, it is the raking I am not fond of. The surf looks like must have did some damage:(

    1. Luckily, the wind does the "raking". What ever comes down is blown into the forest and off our lawn. Works really good.


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