Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lazy Cozy Sunday Afternoon

Oh yes, you are waiting for the picture of the cake. Well, I’m embarrassed to tell you that the cake turned out too good. I mean I was getting really excited about it and forgot to take a picture of it after finishing all the decoration. But then, after our coffee guests had left it all came back to me and I rushed out to the kitchen. There was the cake, well the half of it anyway. So I turned it with the cut away from the camera and took the missing picture. And that’s why you see only half a cake.
The rest is up to your imagination. But I can tell you that it contains chocolate chips (in the bottom) a layer of crushed pineapple, a lot of whipped cream and a cover of ground-up chocolate adorned with more chocolate chips.  Wasn’t too shabby to offer to our neighbours who, by the way, will (must) be leaving to their home state of Florida soon.
Even though the afternoon was of the lazy kind I was quite busy through the morning hours. First thing on the agenda was cutting down the main trunk of an apple tree. Well – shortening it anyway. The top crown was still holding lots of apples and they are of the tasty sort, and they tolerate to be kept in a dry place for an extended time. If you are old enough and grew up in the country, you might remember apples being stored on the loft or another cool place.

Of course the apple wood needed to be cut into handy chunks of firewood and stacked behind the garage where they joined birch and spruce wood.
Since it is supposed to get a lot colder over the next few days, I also hung up this year’s Christmas Lights along our porch, always a several hours occupation. And it does happen that I feel like old Clark Griswold aka Chevy Chase, as he is armed with a stapler crawling all along his house with endless chains of Christmas lights.
Unlike Clark Griswold, the try-out went flawless without flames shooting out of receptacles.  Pictures of our Christmas Lights you will have to wait for as we don’t light those before the 1.of Advent. We do have a small Swedish IKEA light in our windows though.

So those projects kept me going until it was time to take care of the cake decoration.
Shortly after our neighbours were coming up our driveway to spend a few cozy hours with us.
head Harbour Light            Head Harbour Light Station, Photo by Vern McKimmey


  1. Sounds like a lot of hard work with the apple tree but a lot of good times thinking about decorating for Christmas and getting ready for neighbors.

  2. Stored them apples in the fruit cellar with potatoes last almost a year or until they run out.
    Applewood makes for real good burning. nice hot fires and smells good too.
    We had a nice relaxing sunday too, just us, our books and warm weather (sorry).

  3. Good job with the firewood Peter & Bea! Just looking at a big stack behind the house feels warm.


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