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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chopping Wood Improvement

People either love it or hate it: making Firewood. Producing firewood can be highly mechanized and industrialized or it can be hard old-fashioned labour.
While some households have purchased a wood splitter to take away the real hard work of splitting the wood others (like me) are still using an axe to achieve the same goal. Chopping wood really never bothered me too much, but as I get older I noticed that my back is acting up.
One of the real tiring movements with wood chopping is the repetitive bending down to replace the wood chunk on the block EVERY TIME a piece has been split off. It means that for every piece of firewood I have actually swung the axe and bent down to the ground twice. It just boggles my mind thinking of it.

Well, that bending-down has now been reduced substantially.

2 old car tires provided a solution to all that unnecessary bending. First of all I used 2 clamps to connect the 2 tires to each other. They can be bolted together too. Then I placed the chopping block inside. The tire’s diameter is wide enough to either place one huge wood chunk or several smaller pieces within. THEN I let the axe do its work. The result showed immediately. None of the small pieces could fall of the chopping block. Everything remained within the tire.
All I now have to do is picking up several of the pieces placing them on my wood stack. A side effect is that my axe doesn’t get stuck in the chopping block any more.


  1. Here is a video I took yesterday. Found the idea online. Bea

  2. What an excellent idea, and help save your back.

  3. That is really a creative idea. And anything that saves the back is a good thing.


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