Tuesday, November 10, 2015

“Gracie” Is Back And A Candle Light Supper

For November it might be unusually warm around these parts, but I sure enjoyed the nice bright sun shining into the garage where I was doing some maintenance on our Buick today. Gone was the wind of the last couple of days and the Passamaquoddy Bay was one shiny glassy surface.
I just wish this kind of weather would last for at least another month.
When I got in for lunch the power company had called and left a message announcing power outage lasting from 3pm to 7pm. Nice they do call and get us alerted to it, so we can prepare with extra water from the well. We also moved our supper to the lunch hour, planning to take lunch at supper time.
Before noon our neighbours came for dropping off their dog “Gracie”. Gracie sure likes to be with us and we love to have her for a few days. Her owners are traveling over to Niagara,ON and won’t be back before Sunday.
I was still working in the garage when my work light went out. Ah…it was the scheduled power outage. I finished up my work without the light, drove the FORD LTD back into the garage and went inside.
This was gonna be a few very quiet hours, so I settled in my IKEA “Poäng” chair and went napping. When I came to again it was almost dark.
Bea had already lighted a Kerosene lamp and a candle was on her table where she was busy sorting flower seeds and putting them into very small containers. Every container has a little name tag. More candles were lit and Bea made some nice sandwiches for supper. We could even enjoy a hot tea as we have a kettle with boiling water on our wood stove. Bonus!
While having our candle-light supper the power came back 75minutes earlier than scheduled.
1-DSC_0448It was kind of interesting to notice that we develop a feeling of being lost if we can’t just switch on our lights, use the coffeemaker, toaster or plug in our laptops whenever we desire.

Living without power is different, even so it is for 3hrs only.

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  1. You made it through. The bonus in our Rv is we have solar, inverter, water and a generator we are seldom without.
    Makes for interesting times though.


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