Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What’s Coming Up

While I was driving north yesterday I noticed that some trees have started to show the first signs of yellow leaves. OK, that IS quite far north, but hey….it’s just barely the middle of August. Guess we have been spoiled rotten by living along the 45th parallel for some years. Nature sure plays a different melody up here in northern Alberta.

Thinking of the change of seasons another “coming-up” occupies my mind. In about 6 weeks we are looking into October and while there has never before been a question of where and how we spend the winter, this year it’s quite different. We have already made the decision to keep working through a tough Canadian winter, but that sure poses the question of where are we going to stay. Bea will be coming over first thing in October. After that we are all together again. Bea, Molly and me.
It is definitely not an option to keep on doing camping in a trailer which never was made to withstand wintry conditions. So we are looking into more solid housing.

Shall we rent a place or buy something? Could there be an Alberta snowbird who is looking for reliable house sitters in the Edmonton area?

Lots of questions and no answers yet. The bus company is looking into moving their bus parking farther out to the west like to the Spruce Grove area. That would be just fine with us as accommodations are somewhat cheaper out there. They are also starting a new bus route on Monday. The new daily departure goes between Edmonton and Jasper. That means more driving for me. And I love that.

Bea might be looking into a hotel job again. Just on my work route into the city I have counted 10 big hotels. Plenty of work offers there.

We have always been ending up in a nice place and I have my unshakable confidence that something will pop up this time too.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Good luck on finding some place to stay for the winter - definitely not in the camper. I was thinking that if you bought a place it would put you closer to the southwest when you decide to winter back down that way.

  2. Well, it's a sobering thought to be dealing with that four letter word. We won't put it in print here. But, "ya gotta do, what 'cha gotta do"

  3. I'm with Bob, I've had too much of that 4 letter word in my life to enjoy it anymore.

  4. Yes too much of that for letter word over the years for me too.
    Good luck with finding suitable accommodation.

  5. I wish I had a house you guys could house-sit, it would probably be in better shape after you lived there!

    Good luck finding a place - and I'll bet you can't wait to be back together again. :)

  6. Folks you have lost me here.....What on earth are you guys referring to with 4-letter words????? Anything in my posting? I don't get it.

  7. WORK, Peter, WORK! Back I go in a few weeks as well! Good luck!


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