Thursday, August 21, 2014

Too Eager To Get To Work?

I had all my papers, my pens and and my daily lunch package including hot coffee in a thermos packed and stowed in my van, when I halted, looking at my watch. It showed 7:40am. What the heck was I doing outside?  It was an entire hour too early to drive to town to begin another day behind the wheel. Now, is that good or is it a troubling sign of beginning dementia?

Good thing I noticed my mistake before heading down the road.
Alberta weather has cooled down a lot and temps are now down to 17C. That means a light jacket is the order of the day. It also means that we are heading closer to the colder fall season. In Alberta that means temps below the freezing mark are coming soon.

Oh well…it’s soon time to be heading off to Cold Lake. See ya down the road!

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  1. Looks like you really enjoy your job and thats a good thing.
    Drive safe.


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