Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Watching The Morning News

I’m having a day off and I’m watching the morning news. Whether it comes from CBC, CTV, or any other non-descript TV-channel doesn’t really matter. The main characteristics are the same. There are 2 or more “anchors” who try to talk into each other’s mouth producing nothing but rubbish.

What we knew as the morning news has long since migrated into being a silly entertainment show where celebrity gossip and food recipes have taken priority over the real deal – the news.

Has our society grown into an entertainment-consuming monster? Don’t we care over what’s going on in reality anymore? In politics? Do we need to dig into every celebrity’s private or semi-public life in order have a full-filling day?

Real news has the potential to engage us, while a silly morning show may transform us into a passively watching public trying to forget our own little problems. It’s like a drug you take to slip away from every-day’s reality. I mean come on, there is a reason for computer games being so incredibly popular. People are getting addicted to them. And I really think that we are getting addicted to silly morning shows.

Or is there a bigger plan behind all this? Was it the Roman emperor Caesar who said “Give the people food and games and you can control them?” Or was it Nero? I don’t remember and it doesn’t really matter. But it is as truthful as it ever was. Our lives are being controlled by media. And who controls the media?
Whatever the commercial blows into our minds we go and buy the next day. Whatever the Hollywood star says, does and wears we are ready to copy. 

But back to my morning news. I have turned them off, because it turns me off to watch this bull.

How about YOU?


  1. I hate the anchors that talk over the top of each other. That's not entertainment to me. I turn it off too.

  2. I agree with you one hundred percent. What actually happened to the news?


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