Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Very Special Guest Onboard

I had noticed this young man when he first came onboard. He was different than everyone else. How different, I should notice some time later.

After almost 5hr driving north we had arrived at the last station. Everyone had left the bus and was standing around outside, except this young man who came back in to fetch a piece of baggage. On his shoulder sat a little green bird. A Butchy… I thought but no….he was just way too green. It turned out it was a little baby parrot just 2 months old. I was just paralyzed but finally asked the guy what in the world…..no….HOW in the world he could travel with such a little bird. And he told me that this bird had been traveling with him all the way from Vancouver! And no…it didn’t fly off even when he ventured outside. And with that he put the bird on my shoulder, where the little guy began to nibble at my neck, my ears, and then climbed on my eyeglasses from where it went on top of my hat.
20140804_152934 20140804_152708
This little guy was already well-trained to relate to humans. His cute eyes looked me right into my face and I was totally thrilled to be able to hold him.
I sat him on my steering wheel where he wasn’t quite so happy. Maybe he didn’t want to drive the bus….Smile

And what about the young man?

Well, he was on his way to build a log cabin in the Wilds of the Canadian Outback.


  1. I like these small things that happen on the way- Best of all

  2. What a great story. I love that bird and to be able to let him walk on you - what a fantastic experience.

  3. What a darling little bird. Amazing the things we see, isn't it. He's a lucky young man to have such a wonderful traveling companion. :)


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