Monday, June 16, 2014

House Delivery

We had been waiting for this for a few days. Then 2 days ago, it finally arrived. The property and business owner had ordered his office building to be delivered to the new property. They couldn’t get through the main gate with the 20ft wide load, so they came around from the back and a ramp had to be build from soil to make the big semi go down to where the building would be dropped off. We were all watching the transport when it turned down the ramp. Would the ground be supportive to the huge weight? Could the trailer sink in or, worse, tip over too much?  It turned out the driver knew what he was doing and the move went over just fine. When the building was in the right position they mounted heavy duty jacks under the steel frame and lifted it above the trailer. Then the truck moved away from under it. But before that ever happened the building was leveled up and blocks were place to carry the building. That was the most tedious part of the work and took quite a few hours.
IMG_9078 IMG_9080 
IMG_9081 IMG_9083
IMG_9086 IMG_9087
Moving houses this way is a thing which is quite uncommon in Europe. European highways are usually not wide enough nor does the infrastructure allow such moves. Besides, most houses in Central Europe are made of bricks or concrete. Only in Scandinavia houses are build the same way than in North America.

Now a skirting has to be build around it stairway to reach the entry door – 4 feet above the ground….

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  1. I bet that was interesting to watch. Sure glad it didn't sink.

  2. How interesting! I'll bet that was fun to watch, especially the ramp park. You never know what's going to happen, do you?


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