Friday, June 6, 2014

It Can Happen Anywhere

A Canadian City has been under hard stress and fear for the security of their citizens. The hunt for the perpetrator is over. Moncton, New Brunswick is drawing a breath of relief but is also marked of sorrow over the tragic death of three RCMP-officers. What happened in my own province can surly happen anywhere. It has happened in Mayerthorpe, Alberta before. And at about the same time a campus shooting happened in Seattle,WA. One of many in the U.S.
Canada has only about a 3rd. of the U.S. population and we do not have the same numbers of tragic mass shootings as in the U.S. Nevertheless, or just because of it, we are shocked as much as people are in the U.S. when such mindless acts happen in our middle. And we SHOULD be shocked and never, never accept such terrible acts as being part of normal daily media headlines.

My thoughts are now in New Brunswick and with the families who have lost their loved ones.


  1. These things can happen anywhere, to bad they did not get the perpetrator before it happened.


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