Friday, April 25, 2014

They Sent Me Into The Thick Of Calgary

I was up at 5:30 and it was pretty cold outside. (29F) It was cool inside as well. My furnace wasn’t working today either. hasn’t been working for 4 days now. Typical cheap RV-stuff they mount into the trailers. It just gives a click when I turn it on and that’s it. So I have been using electrical heaters, which has kept me warm, but something needs to be done. And quickly!

So the reason why I was up that darn early was that I was looking towards my first day at work. They had handed me a program involving pickup at a Calgary Hotel and with a few other destinations within Calgary before heading it off to the City of Lethbridge.  I had actually worked all evening yesterday plotting out the necessary route, where to turn and where not. Calgary is a big city and prides itself with lots of one-way roads. So it’s not like you just can go anywhere you want. Good maps and first of all a working GPS is a must.
Speaking of our trusty old Garmin lady. Of course she had her day off today. At least so it seemed as the darn thing wouldn’t even connect to any of those satellites. I kept trying and trying and only AFTER I had arrived at the hotel it all-of-a-sudden sprang back to life.
My group was delayed out of the hotel as well so I had plenty of time to play aroudn with my Smart phone. That is until the battery got dangerously low – so I quit. I need a car charger!

When we finally got going it was like the destination had no address. Really they ain’t any! They live and work in a vacuum.
But one of the girls knew a little and we got where we should.

Where do you park a 38ft.bus in the city? My big concern. But even that found a solution as there actually was a gravel parking lot right beside the building. I pulled in and now they are all gone and watch the bunnies hopping around here. Did you know that bunnies actually lived in the thick of downtown Calgary. Amazing!  Also some other entertainment, although repetitive, is the Canadian Pacific Railroad which runs right along here. The view I have is not bad as I’m looking straight at Calgary skyscrapers. Up there, I’m sure, are some offices of some big shots, leading the oil business, making millions every day. But hey, they don’t get to see the country, like I do.

And today I even saw the monkeys and great apes.

In the Calgary Zoo, that is. Unfortunately my phone was dead and my Canon was at home. But if YOU ever come to Calgary, go and see the Zoo. It is a must-see indeed.
After wandering around between the wild animals of the planet, (there is even a pre-historic part with Dinos) we went on to Lethbridge, a rather lengthy drive, but luckily Alberta Highways are “best in class” in Canada, so little problems there either
Dinner was at the Mocha Cabana, a Mexican-style restaurant right downtown Lethbridge. Excellent food and nice atmosphere.

So, at 8:30 I have been at it for 14hrs. and that’s enough.

Nighty, nighty…!


  1. You'll eventually get all the pieces put together, starting with the charger. Nice to see you made it through your day unscathed.

  2. Thats the bonus of being a bus driver, getting to se some sights that you would not normally go to, and get paid to do it.
    Have fun the country side too.

  3. Good to hear all went well. I now I know why there was no phone call. Good luck with the next two days!

  4. You certainly sound like you are handling everything so calmly. I'd be a wreck !

  5. Congrats on getting through that first day. Hopefully you get some heat quickly. That would be my biggest worry.


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